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Creating a brighter future

Putting us back in context, the current energy system is operating at too high an environmental and economic cost and the transport sector is responsible for around ¼ greenhouse gases (GHG) mainly using polluting combustion engines. The world urgently needs to transit into a zero carbon economy and the REC applications will strongly contribute to these goals.

Here’s where we are today

The concept is in its early stages and nilsinside is working with partners in Sweden, France and the UK to bring the project forward. The partners understand the huge potential of the motor and its wide applications opportunities within the energy field and they are supporting the project in different ways from basic maths calculations and modelling to building a lab prototype.

Even though promising estimations of the REC power output at low temperature differences was shown by the first "woody" Lab Model, these calculations will have to be repeated. (The "woody" model got stuck unfortunately) The good news is that we are getting close to finding these key factors.

At FabLab in Brassac, France, we are currently working on updating the first "woody" version of the REC Lab-Model. FabLab invested in a CNC cutter thar we used to provide perfect out-cuts for a new REC Lab-Model ver 2. The purpose of the Lab-Model ver 2 is to, in the near future, provide us with a fundamental parameter called HTC, the Heat Transfer Coefficient, which will bring the project to a new exciting level.

Click this link to see current status of the project.

The HTC is the key to verifying the already exciting calculations methods and model. More importantly, it will unlock further simulations regarding the dimensioning of the REC motor in the function of temperature difference and wanted power output.

In Sweden, nilsinside is working together with ALMI (Swedish government) and the University of Linköping in order to understand the mechanisms of heat transfer inside the REC and seek new methods of calculation.

In the UK, nilsinside is setting up Yin Spin Yang Ltd. which will develop and run a large span of different applications in the UK and worldwide. Yin Spin Yang will also, with the help of partners, build a proof of concept – a prototype which will help industries to go from the “No, it’s too good to be true – don’t believe it until I see it” to the “Holy Spin, this is actually working! Let’s work together!” stage.

nilsinside AB and Yin Spin Yang Ltd. are looking for partners and searching for co-funding to bring the project forward from proof of concept into real industrial applications.

energy trilemma

energy trilemma energy trilemma

Interested in collaborating? Please get in touch:
Contact: Nils Karlberg tel +33 563 73 34 00

Moreover, nilsinside is an independent family company where Nils is the innovator behind the REC.
Sophia Karlberg is the CEO and project manager for Yin Spin Yang Ltd., independent UK sister company.

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