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nilsinside AB proudly presents
the Revolution Energy Converter - the REC

nilsinside revolution
sustainable energy

Believers in Innovation

nilsinside AB is a young company with innovation, development and research as business idea and holds the REC patents. Nilsinside AB is a Swedish company founded in 2014 with aim to develop an internationally competitive heat engine, the REC, with the potential to replace today's polluting combustion engines. All company operations today are based on the REC project, with a technology readiness level around 3-4.

nilsinside is building an ecosystem of partners to implement simulations and find various applications so it can expand its potential scope of operation. The REC project is still in a phase where seeking funding and partners are crucial. nilsinside is planning to raise more investment from innovation grants, equity crowd-funding, through commercial partnership and investors.

The current business idea retained is the option of licensing the REC technology and potential applications to other technology companies or manufacturers on a licensed basis, or by franchising its approach.


For more info please get in touch:
Nils Karlberg tel +33 563 73 34 00

Moreover, nilsinside AB is an independent family company (SME) where Nils is the innovator behind the REC.
Sophia Karlberg is the CEO and project manager for Yin Spin Yang Ltd., independent UK sister company.

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